Outdoor Table Top Project

Last fall we had a terrible storm and our outdoor table was thrown from our back patio.  The glass top shattered into a million pieces leaving us with a metal frame.  We debated getting another glass insert, but decided it was too expensive and would most likely end up shattered again!  So…after a trip to […]

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Several weeks ago we had an impromptu photo shoot that turned out beautifully!  Sometimes the unplanned portrait sessions turn out better than the planned one’s.   Contact me today to schedule a relaxed, fun portrait session for your kiddos. This is the typical start to most of our photo shoots…me dragging the kids to my […]

Children Milestone Portraits

How often and when should I get my child’s portraits taken?  Well…if you ask me I think you should get them taken all the time 🙂  In all seriousness it is really up to you.  A child has the most significant and fastest changes during the first year of their lives.  That is why it […]

Sweet 7 Week Old Little Girl

Can you believe little Savannah is only 7 weeks old!  This little diva worked the camera like a pro.  I can’t believe how well she held her head up and how many big smiles she gave us.  We were even able to include some cherished family blankets in some of the photos.  It has been […]

Alysse’s Big Day

My sister’s wedding was this past weekend.   The location she chose was absolutely beautiful, The Inn at Oneonta.  Even though she had a photographer I couldn’t resist taking my camera and snapping some shots of the kids at the rehearsal and pre wedding preparation on the big day.  Here are some shots from this […]

Printing Pictures From Your Smart Phone

In the world of digital media more and more photos are being kept on hard drives, phones, and cds instead of in photo boxes or albums.  However, some companies are finding ways to encourage those “smart phone picture taking fools” to print their images.  Instagram has a couple new partners in crime that are not […]

Green Wedding

Karen and Chris…Thank you once again for allowing me to be a part of your big day. Enjoy another sneak peek of your beautiful wedding photos 🙂  What a beautiful day!

Green Wedding

I know…I know… I don’t do weddings:)  But when my best friends mom contacted me and asked me if I could shoot her wedding it was such an honor and privilege for her to even consider me that I couldn’t say no!  Thank you Karen for entrusting me with such an important day.  I hope […]

Business Professional Photo

What does your professional photo say about you?  Before you get a business professional portrait consider asking yourself these questions… What are you using the photo for?     An insert in a magazine or flyer, Business Card, Social Media How do I want to be portrayed?     Serious, Fun, Natural, Creative What is […]

Tulips for Mom

My mom is always asking me to take pictures so that she can have some new wall art!  Last weekend we had family up for Liam’s 2nd birthday and I had some fresh tulips on the table.  She immediately pointed them out and said she found her next piece of wall art…I shot several quick […]