Senior Basketball

Terrible weather, getting access to the gym, and a bad hair cut couldn’t even keep us from getting your 2nd session scheduled:).  And it was worth the wait!  These photos not only highlight Austyn’s athletic ability and determination,  but capture Austyn in a space that he has spent a lot of time throughout his high school years.  As a high school athlete this gym will forever be a part of him.  Thank you for being such an easy subject!  It was a joy to work with you and good luck in your future endeavors.  I hope you enjoy the photos from your basketball session.

Senior Basketball Photos

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Sheets Photography Now Offering Disks

I have been shooting for a long time and never offered a disk to my customers.  As a photographer, we make our money on prints and we build our reputation on portraits that hang on walls and in photo albums.  I’m not one that is completely opposed to change, but it is hard sometimes.  I have recently started offering a high resolution disk as an option on my price sheet.  This decision was not done lightly and I still feel the best prints you are going to get are the ones that I print.  With that said…here is to a new year filled with change and flexibility 🙂


Baby Boy James

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What a handsome baby boy and beautiful family!  Thanks for letting me take over your living room for a couple hours;)  James was a champ and I even got a little grin out of him!  I hope you enjoy his first portraits as much as I did…

Sweet Dreams

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Winter Wonderland

The perfect snow…

Wet enough to stick to every tree branch that comes between a snow flake and the ground.

Minimal wind to allow the snow to stay put long enough for me to figure out how I’m going to get the kids back to the woods.

Mild temperatures so that I don’t feel like I’m abusing my children while taking photos 🙂

After an adventurous ride in papaw’s maroon spray truck we found the perfect location…View Snowy Session

Norah Snow

Little Lucas Newborn Session

Lucas was an angel!  Probably the easiest newborn session I’ve ever done!  Rick and Sarah…you were so calm and patient and Lucas’s attitude reflected your ease.  I hope you love the photos…they are some of my favorites 🙂

First Photo Shoot

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