Ashcraft Family

What a fun weekend…dinner & a movie with the girls; then a great photo session with the Ashcraft family Saturday morning in Fort Wayne.  Their pictures turned out beautifully!  Aside from almost getting kicked out of our location 🙂  there is nothing better than a flood of natural light pouring through big windows.  You guys looked great and I love it when a portrait displays how proud parents are of their son!  What a great KID…he is going to make a positive impact on whatever he decides to do in life.  Thanks again for the opportunity!


Great Newborn Pictures

In order to achieve those cute, sleeping, and rolled in ball type of shots I recommend to schedule your newborn photo shoot within the first 2 weeks of your little one’s birth. After the two week mark newborns start to stretch out and are much less likely to stay in those cute poses you envisioned. I know you may be thinking “first 2 weeks” I won’t even be out of my pajamas…I completely understand! I give all new moms the option to have me come to your home and I won’t even be offended if you answer the door in your pj’s 🙂 As a mother of two under the age of 4 I know how difficult it can be to time your breastfeeding schedule with your next bathroom break let alone a trip outside the house. Don’t let the time slip past you! Contact Sheets Photography to prepare for your newborn session.

Schedule Newborn Portraits  within 2 Weeks of the Birth

Holiday Portrait Special

Holiday Portrait Special

Amanda & Carl Engagement

What a beautiful day we had! Thanks for driving up for your photo session. One more weekend and I think the fall leaves would have been gone! You two were so easy to work with and your engagement pictures reflect your easy going, fun relationship! Can’t waif for round two with the Harley:)

Amanda & Carl Engagement 1
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Austyn Senior Baseball Session

Thanks for a great session and my lesson on baseball stats 🙂  Most of my senior guys are in and out; your patience allowed me to try some new ideas and your senior pictures turned out great.  Can’t wait for the basketball session!

Austyn Bishop Luers Senior
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