Newborn Studio to You

“Newborn studio to you” is exactly what it sounds like.  I will come to you in the comfort of your home for your newborn photo session.  As a new mom I can remember planning a trip to leave the house was an event.  I recall trying to time my feedings, make sure I had enough diapers,  oh yea… and I have to brush my teeth…

Forget all of that.  As a new mom you can relax at home and I will come to you with a variety of prop options.

WARNING! I'm not a light packer :)

The following newborn photo sessions were all done at home:




Baby Mikey’s Newborn Session

What a handsome little boy.  Mikey is just the cutest little newborn and loves to be bundled!  Hopefully we wore him out enough during his picture session to allow MOM to get some sleep that night ;).  What an overwhelming, but exciting time for you guys…new baby and new home all in one week.  Tell Tommy his “friend” will come over to take pictures anytime!  View entire session

Noah “The Little Man”

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Little Noah stole my heart right away!  Nikki, Scott, and Auntie thank you for being so open and willing to lend a hand, allow me to rearrange your furniture, and climb all over your couch:).  This little premie knew how to work the camera!  What a champ and an IU fan to boot whoop whoop!  Noah is the smallest baby I’ve ever shot and a perfect example why the earlier you book your newborn photo session the better.    Newborn Photo Session  View Entire Newborn Session

Where should I get my professional photos printed?

Of course you know my answer to that question…ME!

I held out offering a disk of high resolution images to my customers for a long time.  It wasn’t because I’m a stick in the mud or control freak…okay I might be a little bit of a control freak 🙂 it was more because my work and my prints that are framed in homes are often times my best advertisement.  When I offer a disk the customer has the ability to print their photos wherever they want.  However, a bad print job can ruin a beautiful photo!  The last impression I want to leave on a prospect is a negative one and that is likely when my customers print their own images.

I figure if I’m going to offer the disk, I will at least try to educate my customers and point them in the right direction if they are going to choose to print their own images.  So…I have taken the liberty of printing the same photo with several different printing companies.

I use a professional print company for my personal and customer photo prints.  The quality of paper is excellent, the finish is a subtle matte texture, the color is excellent, and my enlargements come with a rigid backing so they are ready to put in a frame.  When your photos are printed through me they are looked at and ran through a printer by a team of professionals that do this for a living!

The test I performed was with four different printing companies:  My professional printer, Meijer on Illinois Rd., Shutterfly, and Mpix.  The image below shows subtle differences between printers so I took one of the images and shot it close up; this is where you can really start seeing the difference.

There are many things to consider when picking how and where you should print your professional photos.

  • Quality of paper
  • Quality & consistenscy of color
  • Turn around time
  • Your time
  • Cost

I still believe my product is better, but among the others to my surprise Meijer had a good overall product.  Meijer’s cost was the best and the turn around time was quick…no waiting for shipping.  However, I believe for large prints one of the others would be better suited.

I hope this helps when making your decisions on printing your next batch of photos.

6 photos printed by 4 different printers

The Simplicity and Beauty of High Key Images

Dreamy, bright, white, and simplistic are all terms used to describe this type of photography.  Many people don’t know how to describe images like these; they just know they have a sort of beauty and dreamy feel.  These images are referred to as high key portraits.  High key images are used to portray a certain mood.  Upbeat, optimistic, or youthful are moods that are often achieved with high key images.  This is perhaps why people are so drawn to high key images because they are so positive.  The mood that high key images create is another reason why children are perfect subjects for this style of photography.  This mini high key portrait session was done with natural light and turned out absolutely gorgeous!  Looking for a unique pictures?  Contact Sheets Photography out of Columbia City, IN to schedule your next portrait session.