Gracyn’s Senior Portraits

Tis the season for senior portraits.  Gracyn will be graduating in May and is planning to attend IPFW for Business Management.  We had an absolutely beautiful day for portraits and a local church allowed us to use their courtyard as a backdrop. 

Gracyn wasn’t too sure about pictures when we started the session, but by the end of it she was much more comfortable and we were having a blast! 

I’ve known Gracyn’s mom for almost 10 years.  I also photographed Gracyn’s sister for senior portraits.  These gals are great to work with and it is always a pleasure to photograph someone’s children that you know personally.  Here is one of my favorites!  View All Proofs



Hunter’s Senior Wrestling Portraits

Senior wrestler, senior wresting portraits

Sports were a huge part of my high school career.  Sports kept me surrounded by people with good values, taught me discipline, and humility.  I played a variety of sports in high school and enjoy playing sports today.  When I get an opportunity to photograph senior sports portraits, I get to combine my love of sports with my passion for photography. 

Most likely this sport has been a big part of what has shaped the senior, and I believe the portraits should reflect that.  Hunter Reed is a Columbia City High School state qualifying wrestler… pretty cool!  Hunter was great to work with and he even brought a friend, that I quickly put to work :).  Wrestling is such an intense, dramatic sport and these senior wresting portraits represent that intensity really well.  I look forward to photographing Hunter for his second session and I’m sure those pictures will be fantastic too, however, there is just something great about dramatic sports portraits.  Here are some of my favorites, check out all of Hunter’s Senior Wrestling Portraits Here.   

senior wrestling portraits, senior pictures, Columbia City Photographer


Winter Family Portraits in the Snow

Columbia City Photographer, Winter Family Portraits, Family Snow Portraits

Winter family portraits can be tricky.  It is all about timing and a little bit of luck.  The perfect recipe for family portraits in the snow is a fresh snow (at least 3 inches), no wind so it sticks to the trees, temps between 20-32 degrees, and a flexible schedule.  These family snow portraits were originally scheduled a week later than when we actually shot them.  I was monitoring the weather and noticed temps were going to be increasing mid week leaving us with dirty wet snow… or no snow at all!  I contacted the family and asked if they would be available to shoot before the temps increased and they made it work. 

Another important detail to mention is the session duration.  Most family portrait sessions last 1 hour.  However, in below freezing temps, fingers, toes, and noses start to hurt and/or get red quickly.  For this reason, winter family snow sessions are 30 minutes.    Below are some of my favorite portraits from this session, but be sure to check out all of the Pursley’s Winter Family Portraits.    

Winter Family Portraits, Family Snow Pictures,


Family Portraits with “Old Ed”

Columbia City Photographer, Winter Family Portraits, Family Portraits with old truck

Old Ed has been in my husbands family since it’s original purchase.  Old Ed is a 34 Dodge Brothers.  Over the years my husbands dad, uncle, and grandpa worked on the truck between farming, full time jobs, and life.  Last year Greg’s dad and uncle sent the truck down the road to receive its finishing touches. We were all really excited and impressed to see how well Old Ed turned out.  Since its return we have been talking about getting a family picture with the truck.  We were lucky enough to get a beautiful snow and mild enough temps to stand outside for a couple of shots.  Here is one of my favorites.  Check out the rest of the old truck winter family portraits here.   

Columbia City Photographer, Winter Family Portraits, Family Portraits with old truck


Hadley Arrived Just in Time for Christmas

Newborn Photography, Newborn girl portraits, Columbia City Photographer

While newborn photography takes a lot of patience, it my favorite type of photography.  Ms. Hadley arrived just in time for Christmas!  What a wonderful gift.  I photograph the Shriner family often and each time I finish feeling like I have some of my favorites.  These Christmas inspired newborn portraits turned out absolutely stunning.  Hadley was a champ during the session and I can’t forget to give her older siblings a mention too.  They did great fulfilling their roles as big brother and big sister during this newborn portrait session.  You have to check out all of Hadley’s Newborn Portraits here.

Newborn Photography, Columbia City Photographer