Pegan Spring Family Pictures

As promised…The Pegan Family’s spring portraits.  I posted Addison’s 1 year pictures last week.  They turned out beautifully and I thought it would be hard to top some of those candid moments, but we did!  These are some of my favorite family portraits with young kids to date!  They turned out absolutely stunning.  What a beautiful family, stunning location, and perfect day.  Miranda did an excellent job with outfit selections which brought everything together for this family portrait session.  I must admit I got snap happy and I will apologize to Miranda, because now she has a ton of proofs to decide from.  Here are some of my favorites, but you have to take a look at all the proofs from the Pegan Family Session.  


Addison is 1

When Miranda contacted me about doing her daughters 1 year old portraits and some cake smash pictures I was so excited.  Miranda and I worked together years ago doing little league sports shoots.  We have both started families and it was wonderful to meet hers!  Miranda wanted to get family photos, portraits of her two daughters together, and Addison’s 1 year portraits.  This is a lot to fit into one session, especially for two little one’s.  So we decided to break it into two sessions.  The first session focused on Addison and the other the family and the girls!  During this session we did  Addison’s 1 year pictures and they turned out beautifully.  Addison is on the move and she kept me on my toes which made for lovely candid portraits.  Here are some of my favorites, but don’t forget to check out all of Addison’s 1 year portraits.  Also, stay tuned…their family portraits will be posted in the next couple of weeks; the location is stunning.  


JT’s Senior Wrestling Portraits

Senior portraits are one of my favorite types of portraits to shoot.  This session was extra special!  JT is my cousin’s son and it was truly a privilege to photograph his senior wrestling pictures.  JT is one of the most dedicated and hardworking athletes that I know.  I thought it only fair to do my very best to reflect the hard work and dedication in his wresting pictures.  Great Job JT!  We loved watching you this season. Here are some of my favorite shots from this senior portrait session.  Check out all the proofs from JT’s wrestling session here.

This is JT’s 2nd session. Follow this link to view proofs from JT’s first senior portrait session.

Everly is 9 Months Old

It’s hard to believe 9 months ago I was rushing to the hospital for the birth of this little peanut, Everly.  She is no doubt the apple of her parents eye.  Everly’s 9 month portraits were more like shooting a 1 year portrait session.  She is already pulling herself up onto things, standing on her own and even taking a couple steps!  Slow down Ms. Everly…you are getting too big, too fast.  These 9 month lifestyle portraits turned out beautifully.  Here are some of my favorites and don’t forget to check out all of Everly’s 9 month portrait session here.

Columbia City Photographer, 9 month old lifestyle portraits, 9 month old pictures


Lily’s 1 Year Portraits

1 year old pictures, Columbia City Photographer

It took a bit for Lily to get warmed up, but once she got going there was no stopping her…literally!  She started showing off and we captured her first step during her 1 year photo session.  Look how surprised mom was.  This session is loaded with the sweetest moments between mother and daughter.  We were even able to get dad in on some of the action. Here are some of my favorite shots and don’t forget to check out all of Lily’s Proofs
1 year old little girl pictures, Columbia City Photographer, 1 year old girl portraits