Large Family Portraits

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Each year my in laws have a reunion, The Marrs Family Reunion.  Every reunion there are old photos displayed and new photos taken.  The photos taken are always quick snap shots of multiple different groups.  We have never really organized a nice large family portrait.  It’s silly really…the hardest part is coordinating a date and time when everyone will be there.  That part was already done a year in advance so almost everyone in the family is there.  This year I sent out a message about a week before the event letting everyone know that I wanted to get a huge family portrait at the reunion.  I sent this image and told everyone to wear something that matched (portrait color scheme of blue, white, grey, khaki).  These are colors that everyone will be able to match without going and buying a new outfit.

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Here is the result…These are some of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken probably because it is family, but also because it was a victory to have 40 some people looking pretty darn good!family pictures, large family picture, extended family picture, Columbia City family photographer, Ft. Wayne Photographer, outdoor family pictures


Senior Sports Banners

For the past several years I have shot, designed, and printed the Churubusco senior football banners.  This year I had the opportunity to do banners for the Columbia City senior volleyball players.  I absolutely love the finished product and had to share.  Each team has a custom designed banner that matches their school colors.  This year, for the football team, I added a filter to give the guys that rough, tough look.  There were two managers and a senior cheerleader for the team so I applied a much more feminine filter for the ladies.  Take a look at each of the designs below.

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Sports banners are a great way to recognize the last 4 years of athletic accomplishment.  The banners are 2ft. x 3ft in size, printed on outdoor grade vinyl, and metal grommets around the edges.  If you have a group of senior athletes that you want to recognize by printing a senior banner contact me today.



Baby Titus

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And then there were 5…

Friends of ours had their third baby boy last week.  Little Titus was so handsome and looks just like his brother Eli, it is almost scary!  This rambunctious family of 5 kept me on my toes and the result was beautiful.  We photographed everything except the kitchen sink.  My primary goal was to get some fabulous newborn portraits of Titus, because Becca didn’t have the opportunity to do so with her other 2 boys.  In addition to the newborn pictures I was able to get sibling portraits, some pictures with dad and some darling mom and newborn shots.  Becca, it takes a special woman to live, feed, and love 4 boys…yes I included Justin her husband 🙂  I’m so happy for you both, you have a beautiful family and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to capture these special moments.

View the entire portrait session.newborn pictures, newborn sibling pictures, newborn with mom, Columbia City newborn photographer, Ft. Wayne newborn photographer






Sue’s Family Portraits

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More people need to have portraits taken with extended family members.  I’m not going to pretend like planning a large family portrait is super easy, but I don’t think you will find one person that will say they regretted having that portrait with grandma, kids, grand-kids, and great grand-kids!  I look back at some of my own extended family portraits and reminisce about those that are no longer with us, admire how much the little ones have grown, and laugh about how much hairstyles have changed.

I recently shot an extended family portrait of Sue’s family… Sue is the beautiful gal in the middle of this crazy, fun family.  I had a great time photographing this diverse group in Pokagon State Park.  With children ranging from newborn to teens…there was a lot of commotion and bribing to get all eyes on the camera.  In the end, all of the portraits turned out beautifully.  Check out their entire session.

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Hindbaugh Family Pictures

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Last week I had the privilege of photographing the Hindbaugh girls and their dad, Cory.  We had an absolute beautiful day minus the swarms of mosquitos!  The girls were a little leery at first, but loosened up after chatting about their favorite Disney movies (Frozen & Big Hero Six) and their 4-H pigs (Popcorn & and Pokey I think).  By the end of the session they were singing “Let it Go”.

There is something so special about a father daughter portrait sessions.  Take a look at these pictures of two beautiful girls and their proud dad and you will know what I mean!  (Thanks Sarah for the helping the girls look soooo stinking cute:)

View Entire Father Daughter Portrait Session

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