Laurisa’s Fall Senior Portraits

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Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to photograph Laurisa for a senior volleyball sports banner, which resulted in a session for senior pictures.  It is senior photo sessions like Laurisa’s that reinforce my love for taking portraits.

We had a beautiful day to shoot these fall senior portraits and Laurisa was amazing to photograph.  I can’t forget Laurisa’s mom…she was fantastic helping fluff hair, haul props, and fix clothing.  I love having an extra hand and eye when I’m shooting!   We took these portraits at Foster Park in Fort Wayne, In.  Even though the park was crawling with photographers, we were able to capture some great, unique shots.  Laurisa is just as beautiful inside as she is outside and it was an honor to be the photographer to capture her senior portraits.


Here are some of my favorites; to view the entire senior portrait session click here.

Apple Orchard Family Pictures

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What a perfect time of the year to photograph in an apple orchard.  We chose Cook’s Apple Orchard in Fort Wayne, IN for the location of Madison’s family portrait shoot.  I had visited this orchard during a field trip with my son’s class and the owner was very welcoming and the orchard was beautiful.

Madison has been one of my most loyal clients!  This loyalty has allowed me to watch little Blake grow from a newborn into a toddling 13 month old!  Oh, and I can’t forget about Charlie (the dog), he grows fonder of me every time we do portraits:)  These  family orchard pictures are absolutely stunning!  You can almost smell the crisp fall air when looking at the pictures.  I also love their outfit choice, the hints of red in Blake’s vest are complimented perfectly by the apples.  My Radio Flyer was even able to make an appearance in Blake’s individual portraits.  Here are just a couple beautiful pictures, to view the entire session click here.

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Need an updated family portrait contact me today.

Clifford Sister Portraits

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I had the privilege to photograph these two beautiful little angels this past weekend.  It took some convincing and a little bit of princess talk, but Kinsley came around and had no problem getting in front of the camera.  Kloey was ready to go as soon as she saw my furry rug she got to sit on!  Because it was so cold, windy, and spitting rain we stayed indoors for their photo session.  I typically shoot with natural light, but the studio images of the girls turned out absolutely stunning!  They are some of my favorite studio portraits.

There is something special about taking pictures of siblings and seeing their interaction with one another.  Kloey, 2 years old, and Kinsley, 3 years old, were so fun to work with and reminded me of my two little ones together.  At this age kids move so fast and it is easy to miss the brief connection between siblings, but the camera helps to slow that down and capture those moments.   Kloey  looks up to Kinsley so much and these portraits display that is such a subtle way.   I have to give a shout out to Mom for providing such cute clothes:)  My angelic vision would never have been possible without those beautiful dresses.

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View the entire portrait session here


Senior Portraits | Paige

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Outdoor senior portriat shoots are my favorite, however, you have to be prepared to deal with a lot of different variables like wind, changing light, bugs and the list goes on.

The day we took these stunning senior portraits of Paige the wind was kicking at about 30mph in downtown Ft. Wayne.  We all agreed that people pay big money for that “wind blown look”, so let’s make the best of it…  A little wind wasn’t going to stop Paige from having a blast with her senior portraits.  By making the most of the situation we were able to capture some of the most beautiful portraits I have ever taken.  Paige is as beautiful inside as she is out and her fun-loving, carefree spirit really shines through in this portrait session.  Thank You so much for being a great subject and I hope you enjoy your senior pictures as much as I did 🙂

Take a look at some of my favorites.  Click on the following link to view Paige’s entire outdoor senior picture session.

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Sutton Family Portraits

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Julie contacted me several weeks ago about family pictures and senior portraits for her not so willing son.  See…Julie is a smart lady!  She knew how much her oldest son didn’t want Senior pictures, but she also knew how much her boys loved her and wanted to make her happy.   So, like any good mom she bargained…Instead of a full blown senior portrait session they compromised on a family portrait session with the possibility of snapping a couple individual shots of Rylan, the senior.  Good thing Rylan didn’t know how persistent I was before he agreed to his mother’s terms he he:)!  All kidding aside, the Sutton family is the most laid back family I have ever photographed.  I was prepared for a challenge and while I did have to sing some songs and make a couple fart jokes the Sutton’s were great!  I hope you enjoy their high-end outdoors family portrait & senior picture session as much as I did.  Check out the entire Sutton Family Outdoor Portrait session here.

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Outdoor family pictures, Columbia City Photographer, Ft. Wayne Photographer, natural light portraits, family portraits, family of four pictures, family pictures with older kids