Sibling Pictures for Mom

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Amanda has been my best friend since high school and it is always a great time photographing her and her family.  Her brother and sister are practically my siblings and there is no holding back when we all get together.  Amanda contacted me to do a sibling/extended family portrait session as a gift for their mom.  They will be gifting these portraits at Christmas (no worries they have already celebrated).

I have no doubt that their mom will be excited to have a new photo of her children and their spouses.  However, it’s not just the portrait that is meaningful; the forethought, time, and effort will mean just as much as the beautiful picture of her kids.

I absolutely fell in love with these pictures.  If you are ever wondering what to wear for family pictures call up the Murphy’s…they can help you out with outfit decisions for family portraits because they nailed it.

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Check out their entire session here

Christmas Family Portraits in the Barn

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You would never guess by looking at these Christmas family photos that it was raining like crazy all day.  We were forced into the barn for portraits and boy am I glad, because these are some of my favorite large family pictures EVER!  There outfits couldn’t have been anymore perfect for the barn setting.  I photographed the Wissman family last year around Thanksgiving.  It seemed like little Stella was just a baby compared to this year, all the boys are a foot taller, and Valerie is becoming such a beautiful young lady:).  We weren’t able to get their hockey shots last year, but this time around we made sure to include some pictures of the boys in their hockey gear.  This is a fun, rambunctious group and I’m honored that they came back this year for another round of family portraits!  Thank You.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the session.  To take a look at the entire beautiful family portraits session shot  in the barn click here.

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Christmas Family Portraits

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This family won a gift certificate, and I’m so glad they did!  Their perfect mild day turned into perfect Christmas family portraits.  Formal family portraits outdoors can be tricky sometimes…Soggy ground, heals, crisp white dress, and wind are always a concern, but all of the risk paid off.  Vicki and her family were great to work with and her kids are gorgeous.  Here is one of my favorites and follow this link to view their entire session.

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Portrait Day Meets Game Day

Who says you can’t combine the two!  The Gardner family is a divided family, to say the least, when it comes to rooting for sports teams, but that is all part of the fun.  The heckling is some of the finest that I have ever experienced he he 🙂 Roll Tide, Hooo Hooo Hooo Hosiers, O-H-I-O and the list goes on.  This family is near and dear to my heart, we have vacationed with one another, heckled each other, and celebrated together.  There is never a dull moment with this group.  Take a look at their game day meets portrait day shots.

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Little Norah

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Last weekend I had a fun shoot with 7 week old little Norah (I love the name :).  This little one was stylish, to say the least, with her little red Chucks, her fancy Christmas dress, and precious cream sweater dress.  It is safe to say that we wore her out.  By the end of the session little Norah couldn’t even keep her eyes open.  I even talked mom and dad into getting a shot.   You two have a beautiful little girl and thanks for coming out for a photo session!  Here are some of my favorites.

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View the entire session here.