Mabrie’s Newborn Portraits

How sweet is this little peanut and I am absolutely in love with her name.  I knew about little Mabrie before everyone, well almost everyone.  Alecia set up a surprise pregnancy reveal portrait session approximately 8 months ago to announce to her husband that they were expecting their first child.  Fast forward 9 months; Ms. Mabrie arrives and was a perfect angel for her newborn portraits.  I got to use some new props on her and her pictures turned out beautifully.  She was probably my most smiley newborn to date.  I even got one with her smiling while dad was holding her.  Congratulations Alecia and Kaler; you are both amazing parents.  I had a really hard time choosing some of my favorites to feature!  Be sure to check out all of Mabrie’s Proofs.  

Columbia City Newborn Photographer


1 Year Old Portraits

Columbia City Photographer, 1 Year Old Portraits, 1 Year Old Girl

I love taking pictures of families, children, and seniors.  It gives me so much joy to set peoples minds at ease about their insecurities and the idea of being in front of a camera by taking flattering and fun portraits.  That joy is magnified when I can do it for the people that are closest to me, my family!  While visiting my family over Memorial Day weekend we decided to kick off Ms. Everly’s 1st birthday with her 1 year old portraits.  Her 1 year old portrait session turned into an extended family portrait session.  We had tons of fun, the kids were great and the portraits are even better!  here are some of my favorites and there are many more so check out all of Everly’s 1 year portraits and our family portraits here.

Columbia City Family Photographer, Large Family Portraits


Kristen Baker Senior Portraits

Can I start this blog post with STUNNING!  This senior portrait session had to be rescheduled once and almost a second time because of our extra rainy spring.  When you get three determined ladies together flooded lanes, wind, and spotty rain showers couldn’t stop us.  I had so much fun during this session.  The guys at Mike’s car wash even asked if I had fun off roading when I pulled in the next morning.  Kristen was an absolute pleasure to photograph and her senior portraits turned out stunning.  It was difficult to choose my favorites!  You have to check out all of Kristen’s senior portrait proofs.  


Family of 3

Last summer I had the privilege of photographing a much larger family group and one of the families included was the Smith family!  I love when someone contacts me after being a part of another shoot.  It is little things like that, that keep me going!  The wind and cool temperatures made this spring portrait session feel more like early March than May!  None the less this family of 3 worked the wind and cool temps to result in some stunning family pictures.  Ms. Brooklyn was full of personality, which made for great candid shots.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the session and be sure to check all the Smith Family proofs here.



Pegan Spring Family Pictures

As promised…The Pegan Family’s spring portraits.  I posted Addison’s 1 year pictures last week.  They turned out beautifully and I thought it would be hard to top some of those candid moments, but we did!  These are some of my favorite family portraits with young kids to date!  They turned out absolutely stunning.  What a beautiful family, stunning location, and perfect day.  Miranda did an excellent job with outfit selections which brought everything together for this family portrait session.  I must admit I got snap happy and I will apologize to Miranda, because now she has a ton of proofs to decide from.  Here are some of my favorites, but you have to take a look at all the proofs from the Pegan Family Session.